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Published in: Boston Women's Journal
By: Camille Hendsbee, RD, LDN
Date: June/July 2006

Wow - Look At "THEM" !

     The other evening we were watching an old 1950's black and white movie entitled "THEM" with our 14 year old daughter Lizzie - it's about some giant ants that invade a town (oh well !) . So there I was thinking about how far the field of "special effects" has come when Lizzie pops up to say - "Gee Ma, nobody in this movie is fat !!" She was right - looking at the actors and actresses they were quite slim. Not the same picture today for sure !

Have You Noticed...
     ...that 6 out of every 10 people you meet at random will be overweight or obese? Obesity is now at epidemic proportion in the USA and the trend appears to be worsening. How can it be that in this land of plenty, with educational opportunity everywhere not to mention fresh foods (and such variety!) that we still have not learned to make choices that are healthy ones? What is that "magic bullet" that will make us wake up to the fact that poor lifestyle and obesity leads to a host of health issues including (and certainly not limited to ) diabetes, heart ailments, increase in injuries, lost time at work, and increased insurance costs?

Some Answers...
     How can we eat to feel full and satisfied and at the same time not tip the scales or our blood pressure and cholesterol levels? The loving and accepting of oneself, as you would love and accept a child in need of help, would be the first step. Understanding and accepting that a "magic bullet" does not exist would be the next one. What follows then , quite honestly, is the rest of your life. It involves the taking of time to investigate your history and lifestyle habits with a trained professional Dietitian who would then help you to map out a plan to achieve your own Personal Wellness.

Where To Begin...
     Changing habits - sometimes lifelong ones - is not an easy task. If approached gently and slowly, however, that change can begin to happen. Then with one successful change - no matter how small - others will soon follow. One positive empowering the next and you're on the road to Wellness. This is the Nutritional Counseling approach used by Camille Hendsbee, RD, LDN of Megna Nutrition Associates, Inc. Natick, Ma..

Your Nutrition Expert...
     It never surprises me when clients enter my office in such a state of confusion. Just to look at all the information out there - many times conflicting information - gives the professionals quite the challenge! So where can the most scientific and up to date information be found? Here is where a Registered Dietitian comes in. Someone who takes the road to becoming a Dietitian has first studied at an accredited college and obtaining at first a bachelors degree in human nutrition and dietetics. One then needs to complete an internship or take the three year route to membership gaining the eligibility to write the boards. Upon successfully passing the exam a Dietitian's education does not stop there. Continuing education for both state licensure and national registration needs to be accomplished. This assures you that upon consulting with a Licensed Registered Dietitian you are being guided by the most knowledgeable source the field of Nutrition has to offer.

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