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"I came to Camille after my doctor thought it would be a good idea to see a nutritionist. I had been following a weight loss plan that was not working for me. I kept gaining more and more weight and was getting very frustrated. I thought I was eating healthy and could not figure out why I was ALWAYS hungry. I was tested for allergies, thyroid problems, digestion problems, you name it, I was tested for it. There was nothing wrong with me. The more I exercised the more cravings I had. With Camille’s help I have made some changes to my diet and I am finally losing weight. I am happy and feeling healthy and strong. Thank you so much Camille for your help!"
~ R.A. of Natick, MA

"Camille has changed my thinking around so that I don’t think of “dieting” but to make the right food choices. With Camille’s encouragement, motivation, and recommended lifestyle changes, I have lost 20 pounds and kept the weight off! Camille really knows how to make you feel better physically and emotionally."
~ A.C. of Millis, MA

"The atmosphere is relaxing and the slower pace doesn’t make me feel “tortured - cutting out lots of foods”. The change is gradual and easy!"
~ B.O. of Natick, MA

"Working with Camille (Megna Nutrition) has given me both the nutrition education and support that are so very important in weight loss - the tailored personal approach has been so amazing! Like most people that diet, I have tried many programs - the experience with Megna Nutrition has offered me so much more and that makes the difference between a diet and learning how to eat healthy for he rest of your life -As someone who does not like veggies or salads, I consider myself a real challenge to any nutritionist. Camille’s support and education have helped me learn about making good choices that are tailored to my needs - she has always had realistic expectations that this is not about a fad diet program but about learning a healthy lifestyle where you subsequently lose weight but gain the tools of healthy lifelong eating patterns. Thanks so much Camille !!!"
~ P.R. of Millis, MA

"Camille has been a wonderful mentor and coach throughout my process of achieving a healthy weight. She is a positive, knowledgeable, and compassionate teacher. I have enjoyed working with her to accomplish my weight loss goals, and have had great success thanks to her encouragement."
~ S.D. of Framingham, MA

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