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Published in: Metrowest Daily News
By: Camille Hendsbee, RD, LDN/Daily News Correspondent
Posted Mar. 18, 2015 at 5:05 PM

NUTRITION NOTES: Making Great Nutrition Happen For You

   You might think you have all the willpower in the world to help you eat healthfully - and then you go off to work.

   In your rush you forget to bring the lunch that you so carefully packed – oh, well, you can always go to that little cafe next to your workplace. You sit at your desk and notice the doughnuts that someone brought in. They're sitting by the printer area, calling to you, with the box top wide open.

   Sound familiar? Too hard to resist you have just one then really feel bad afterward (why did I eat that ? I wasn't even thinking of doughnuts this morning ).When one of your new coworkers goes out for lunch and asks you along you go, remembering that you forgot your lunch. Wanting to make the new coworker feel comfortable you order what she orders - burger, fries and a soda.. There goes another day. You don’t even feel like going to the gym after work.

   How did this happen and what steps could you take to stay on your well intended path ?

Here are some helpful thoughts:

   -- Really think if you are ready to embark on a healthy nutrition/lifestyle venture. If this might not be the time and there are some life questions blocking your path, see if you can take the steps to address those first.

   -- Have you even been to the doctors recently? Maybe during the past year for an exam with blood labs? Since our blood pretty much tells the truth this is a good place to start -medical issues may affect the nutrition direction you would like to go in.

   -- Once that path is clear, connect with a local licensed registered dietitian who will help you to create your health "toolbox" giving you suggestions on how to stock a healthy kitchen with lots of tips and recipes along with organizational techniques to get you going. Many licensed registered dietitians take health insurance.

   -- Buy yourself a wonderful insulated lunchbox that you keep visible - packing it the night before if there is no time in the morning - to give yourself the best chance at a successful day.

   -- Go off to your day with positive spirit - even verbalize out loud that you going to have a positive day. If we hear ourselves say those encouraging words, we will be more apt to stay the course.

   -- Remember those doughnuts? When you arrive at the workplace - scan your surroundings. No one would even notice if you were to shut that box and maybe turn it so that the picture of the doughnut was away from your view. We seem to become our environment eventually so altering it to promote health really works.

   -- Last, if you have a setback or two, pick up and carry on even if its in the middle of the day. Don’t fall into the "I’ll begin again tomorrow" routine - this never works.

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