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   The waist-to-hip ratio, though a rather simple measurement is a great indicator of fat distribution and ultimately disease risk. Healthy are those with the pear shaped body versus those with the apple shape (fat around the middle)!

   The waist-to-hip ratio is calculated simply by dividing your waist measurement by your hip measurement (around the fullest part)... or just use the handy tool below!

Instructions to calculate:

NOTE: Do not pull tightly on the measuring tape

  1. Stand in a relaxed position. Measure your waist at its smallest place (at your navel) and enter this measurement in the Waist box.
  2. Measure your hips at their largest spot (over your buttocks) and enter this number in the Hip box.
  3. Your waist-hip ratio will appear in the Ratio box.
Your Waist-to-Hip Ratio
Narrowest area of waist (inches)
Widest area of hips (inches)
Your WHR:
Interpreting the data

Ratios above 0.80 for women and 0.95 for men are associated with obesity and are linked to greater risk for health complications and diseases.

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